Ultimately, it comes down to taste.
It comes down to expose yourself to
the best things that humans have done
and then try to bring those things
to what you do.” Steve Jobs.

Privacy Policy

🇬🇧 Privacy Policy

Our medical apps do not collect user data.

🇪🇸 Política de Privacidad

Nuestras aplicaciones médicas no recopilan datos de usuarios.

🇧🇷 Política de Privacidade

Nossos aplicativos médicos não coletam dados de usuários.

🇺🇸 Privacy Policy

Our navigation and travel apps does not collect personal data.

Users can share location with family, friends and other users :

  • Location is shared only if iCloud is enabled.
  • Location is shared only if location services are enabled.
  • Location is updated only when visible on the map.

Find other users :

  • Only users who have an entry in your Contacts.
  • Only users who opted in to Look Me Up By Email.
  • The search does not return personal data.